Sunday, February 22, 2009

On Rejection...

Well, I didn't get in to Etsy Dallas.

It didn't matter that I have a 'connection' in the group.

Granted, they only allowed 60 new members in for the entire year of 2009

And, granted, jewelry is a very competitive category. Everybody makes jewelry. 

I thought my jewelry was special.

Well, I still think it is.

But in a world where everyone thinks their jewelry is special... sometimes people are going to be kicked to the curb.

It's no fun when it's me.

I was also rejected from the Peddler show in Arlington.

Again-- too much jewelry.

Rejection abounds. It doesn't matter that my jewelry is unique. People just glance and think, "Oh-- jewelry. A dime a dozen. Everyone does it. Whatever." And that's that. It's difficult to make people look twice.

It's terribly discouraging. Immensely disappointing. I can't even tell you how bummed I am, but let me assure you-- I am bummed.

I just have to remember to have faith.  

And I do want my loyal customers to know something... you're all very special to me. This may sound silly, but it makes my heart pitter-patter with gratefulness every time one of my you touts my jewelry. It means so much to me that you "get" that I pour my heart and soul into what I create, and that a handful of people in this world appreciate it. It gives me the type of validation that I otherwise cannot manifest.

So, I continue to concentrate on the customers I *do* have. I am slowly trying to build that customer base. It's a tedious and never-ending process. At times I feel like everything in the world is working against me wanting to be an artist-- and the smirks and raised eyebrows I get when I call myself an artist becuase I design jewelry is not only disheartening, but added to things like the two hefty rejections I mentioned above, it sort of beats the horse dead.

One thing's for sure, though. I never, ever get a big head. 

Humility is a good thing, yes?



  1. It's their loss! Your jewelry is unique, very special and one-of-a-kind! Hang in there, have faith, sweetie!

  2. I'm sorry. This sucks.

    Do you watch Project Runway? A few seasons ago, one of the designers was crying on the runway while his designs were being judged. He was very emotional (understandably) as he talked about how hard it was to have his designs critiqued. One of the judges, a successful designer said "what makes you think that ever goes away?"

    I guess what I'm saying is, in the artist's life there are ups and downs (and not being juried into a show is definitely a down and it SUCKS). I truly believe that successful artists are the ones who keep on keepin' on despite the suckiness. Because I don't think the suckiness goes away.

    And while you are bummed and feel "rejected", remember that a different day, a different juror and you're in. I've seen this happen with my own eyes.

    Again, I'm sorry. Maybe there is a better venue for your beautiful creations that will make itself known to you.

    with love.

  3. Don't let a couple of rejections bring you down. We all experience them.. in so many aspects of our lives. Your jewelry ROCKS..and is one of a kind.. THAT is what matters!! Keep creating...

  4. Thank you all. Jeannine, you are so right. And as another friend of mine pointed out... I can only get rejected if I'm putting myself out there-- and that's what I'm trying to do over and over again. So... it's better than not trying, ya know?

    I do think that the right opportunity will present itself in time. Perhaps this is just preparation.

    Thank you for your comment. ;-)

    And, Tink and Melissa, thank you for the chin-up. ;-)