Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Grief Resources

Thanks to the love and support I’ve gotten, as well as nudges from beyond… I have set up a page that I liken to an anchor—a Facebook community called Grief Resources.

The purpose of the page is to provide good resources for those experiencing grief. I expect the page to overflow with uplifting images and quotes, good grief-related books, classes, retreats, and more.

And I think it’s important to give voice to the community members, too. So periodically I will host a “blog roll” where community members can post their blogs related to grief. I can catalog them in the Notes section, too, so they won’t disappear on the ever-famous Facebook Timeline.

Between that, workshops I’m attending, and continuing to write my grief book, my emotional energy is pretty thin at the moment. Too thin for much of anything else.

And that’s okay.

Please, friends. If you are grieving, or if you know of someone who is grieving—whether that grief is new or not-so-new—please check out Grief Resources. It’s just an anchor. Just a starting point. But it can provide you with guidance.

A light, in the pitch blackness of grief…