Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Show...

The Mothers & Others show was-- simply put-- a minor success. I made my booth fee and some extra. Most of my sales came from other vendors, and I did have several small sales from passers-by. There wasn't much traffic at the show, and I'm undecided about doing this show again.

Here is my setup:

I'm very pleased with that setup! I think it's a win.

I am so thrilled that I've had several sales from my Etsy shop in the last week! I'm assuming they are Christmas (or other holiday) presents and I decided to quietly upgrade everyone's shipping to Priority. It's just the nice thing to do, this time of year, whether the gift is for you or a loved one. ;-)

I also had lunch with a friend this past week, and she bought quite a bit from me. I was honestly shocked, but in the best way possible. ;-) 

I find that it's best to never expect to sell anything. I am, in turn, grateful for each and every sale I make, because it allows me to splurge on more great supplies. I want to continue to nurture this attitude in all of my future jewelry endeavors. I think it keeps me humble and also it helps me keep things in perspective.

To that end... I had an offer recently to buy some of my jewelry for wholesale. However, the price offered was barely enough to cover the cost of supplies for most of the pieces, and it didn't even cover supply costs for other pieces. She was, of course, interested in my most beautiful, most special pieces.

In the end, I declined the sale. It felt like an insult to my intelligence for the person to offer so little for these pieces, knowing that she was going to turn around and mark them way up for her own profit. How is that fair to me? She also doesn't tell anyone where she gets the pieces, so it wouldn't help to get my name out there.

I feel a little strange about it, because this person was very interested in my pieces, but there was just something that felt "off" about the whole thing. I always try to balance following my gut with making smart business decisions, and in this case, I got a pretty strong "this is a no-go" feeling for both. 

I want to maintain integrity in my jewelry and designs, as well as the way I do business. In my quest for respecting myself as an artist, and hoping to garner the respect of others as well... there are times when I just have to say no. 

That doesn't make it any easier, though...

If I don't post again until the new year (which is probable at this point), I would like to wish anyone who might be reading this a Happy Holiday season.  

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and Happy New Year.  May you be blessed enough to enjoy time with those you love, and lucky enough to avoid those you don't love!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

For Lampworkers and Jewelry Designers Alike

For all my fellow jewelry designers and lampwork artists (or, anyone who uses lots of color on a regular basis!), I'd like to pimp out my friend Sarah for a moment. She's made a pdf and a calendar of her 12 favorite color schemes and why they work. You can buy the calendar here:
Alternatively, you can order the pdf by going to her blog post, here.

One of the most frequent compliments Sarah receives is about her color combinations. And, they are spectacular. She experiments and pushes the envelope with color combinations more than any other glass artist I've seen. I think it's because she's fearless. She has certainly helped ME push my own envelope when it comes to pulling colors together for jewelry design. I see color combinations in a whole new way because of her beads. And, as most of you know... her beads are often my favorite ones to use. ;-)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Wow... December??

I can't believe it's December, and Christmas is just around the corner. Where did November go? For that matter, where did October go??

I have been working quite a bit, which limits my jewelry design time. I'm definitely not complaining-- I am incredibly thankful to have a job, unlike so many (including my hubby). It's increasingly difficult for me to ask people to buy jewelry from me. The last craft show I had miraculously brought in enough money to cover the booth fee with a little bit extra. Considering the times, I am truly grateful.

Honestly, the only jewelry-related news is that I have made some Christmas tree earrings. I just wanted to show them off a little... I think they're cute!
More in my Etsy shop, of course! I have four different ones... crystal clear with a red top, crystal clear with a silver top, light green (pictured above), and emerald green. Take your pick! ;-)

As the year draws to a close, I have a few questions for you:
1. What are you grateful for?
2. Overall, was this a good year for you? Please share a couple of specifics if you don't mind.
3. Do you have any goals, or anything specific you're going to focus on in 2009? If so, what?

So, I suppose since I'm asking... I should answer. ;-)
1. I am grateful for so many things-- forgiveness and love being close to the top of the list. I am grateful for my husband, for making some significant changes in his life this year.

2. Overall this wasn't a good year at all. However, there were some very high highs... my trip to Italy, my husband's personal achievements, and holding my best friend's baby for the first time (and every time since!). Little miracles really do happen.

3. I will be working towards a better work/life balance in the new year, as well as getting re-acquainted with my spiritual side. I've drifted away from that part of me this year and it's time to do something about it. I've already made some strides towards that, which leave me feeling quite happy.