Wednesday, December 10, 2008

For Lampworkers and Jewelry Designers Alike

For all my fellow jewelry designers and lampwork artists (or, anyone who uses lots of color on a regular basis!), I'd like to pimp out my friend Sarah for a moment. She's made a pdf and a calendar of her 12 favorite color schemes and why they work. You can buy the calendar here:
Alternatively, you can order the pdf by going to her blog post, here.

One of the most frequent compliments Sarah receives is about her color combinations. And, they are spectacular. She experiments and pushes the envelope with color combinations more than any other glass artist I've seen. I think it's because she's fearless. She has certainly helped ME push my own envelope when it comes to pulling colors together for jewelry design. I see color combinations in a whole new way because of her beads. And, as most of you know... her beads are often my favorite ones to use. ;-)

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