Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Latest Pieces

Ok. Here's the piece that I'm very proud to show you. The focal gemstone is citrine! I love this necklace and I have already decided to keep it. You can't change my mind. At least, not at this point in time. ;-)

I really pushed myself with the color combinations in this necklace. As soon as I saw this bead, though... I knew that yellow had to be the central color of the necklace, with lots of other fun colors added in.

This is another with a Sarah Hornik bead, named Fantastico! as the centerpiece. Isn't it a lovely one? 
I also used peridot and shiny Swarovski crystals, with sterling silver wire. This necklace makes me feel happy and light. It reminds me of my time in Italy, which is fitting, since Sarah made the focal just after we all got back to our respective spots of the world after Murano Magic.

Now, for my next piece... this one uses gorgeous Peruvian Blue Opal as the main gemstone, with a couple of pieces of citrine, and Swarovski crystals. Another Sarah Hornik bead as the focal. I love this necklace too, and have also decided to keep it. I always end up keeping my best pieces!! Even when I don't mean to!

Check out the matching earrings, too.... this glowing Peruvian Blue Opal is magical, isn't it? It's even better in person, too!


  1. I love the necklace, what beautiful color combinations!
    Are you going to sell the earrings? I love them!

  2. Glad you love 'em!

    I can make more of these earrings. I have some more of those gorgeous blue opal beads. I can make you some!