Monday, April 12, 2010

Simply Healing: The Latest Batch

Well, I was a busy bee this past weekend, and I managed to get 13 more Simply Healing necklaces not only photographed, but actually listed on Etsy.

Honestly, y’all who do that on a regular basis… how do you keep up? It takes me so long to get all the photos taken, and then to process them—crop, lighten, resize, etc… not to mention writing the Etsy descriptions and making sure I get the stone meanings correct… and then there’s my least favorite part—naming each piece! 

Maybe now you understand why I update my Etsy site so sporadically?

I wouldn’t complain so much if I didn’t also have a full time job, which lately has been taking up a lot more than just “full” time of a typical 40 hours work-week. I come home exhausted, and my comfy chair and TV are always calling me, begging me to allow them to swallow me up whole until it’s time for bed.

That’s a hard habit to break, once you’ve eased into it.

But, in light of last week's curve ball, I figured listing some things on Etsy and then immediately crossing my fingers might not be such a bad idea.

This newest batch of Simply Healing jewelry is a lot of fun, and even more inspired than the first batch was! I’m having a ball making these little necklaces… partially because they appeal to my gnat-like attention span, and partially because I love working with high quality gemstones, but it’s also really nice to make some pieces that the "average Jane" can afford.

Especially in these economic times.

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a couple of pictures of these new pieces… and I’ll leave you with a little link to my Simply Healing line, now on Etsy. 

Have a great day!

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