Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A New Beginning...

Did any of you wonder why I stopped all of the Adventures in Online Dating posts? 

Standing outside my apartment.
Yes... well, read on, and you'll find out.

I moved to my apartment in Dallas back in March.

Shortly after, I discovered that the fish counter at the Whole Foods near me is pretty darn nice. Not only that, but there was a pretty nice-looking guy working there, too.

It’s important to note that I live in Oak Lawn.

Oak Lawn is affectionately known as the “gayborhood” or the main area of Dallas where gays and lesbians live, work, and hang out.

Parts of Highland Park (usually these residents are Old Money, and definitely upper crust of Dallas society) butt up next to Oak Lawn. Dallas neighborhoods are kind of confusing that way… but while the Whole Foods is technically in Highland Park, the clientele is a pretty even mix between Highland Park residents and Oak Lawn residents.

All this to say, it’s actually a fair assumption to make that if one sees an attractive male in the Oak Lawn area who isn’t wearing a wedding band, there's a good chance he's gay.

So, when I saw this attractive guy at the fish counter, I thought nothing of it, and I assumed he was gay.

I went on about picking up fish a couple of times a week from Whole Foods.

I saw him most evenings I came in… and over time, we started engaging in friendly conversation. He smiled wide each time he saw me, and I smiled back, thinking he must now recognize me as a regular, always ordering fish for one.

He asked me about the Pathways t-shirt I was wearing one time… another time he commented on the necklace I was wearing (and yes, it was one of my own designs)—and yes, I’m a little slow on the uptake, not realizing that he was actually looking for his “in” to get to know me better...

The real connection happened when I went into Whole Foods the night before doing the Run for Heroes in September.

I went in to get some halibut and veggies, so I could have a nice and light but healthy dinner, since I was eating pretty late. I think it was around 9pm when I went into Whole Foods, and the race was at around 8am the next morning.

I mentioned to fish counter guy that I was running my very first 5k.

His eyes lit up…

(He finally had his in!)

He mentioned that he was a runner as well as a weight lifter (and if you think I hadn’t noticed his broad shoulders and his beautifully thick arms, think again), and he was excited for me to run, especially since this was my first race. He wanted a full report on how I did.

I was a little surprised (dare I say, this slow girl was actually confused?) at his enthusiasm, but as our interaction ended, I found myself smiling very wide.

I felt a little giddy inside, too.

The next time I was at the fish counter, I gave him a report on how I did, including my time (which worked out to about a 13 minute mile—not bad for a non-runner).

All right, I’ll cut the crap…

He’s not gay.


He asked me out, and I said yes.

But even before our first date, I found excuses to pop into Whole Foods. Luna bars were on sale, or I was out of almond butter, or I wanted to check, one more time, to see if they had magically started carrying the yogurt I eat…

David. Isn't he handsome?
But mostly, it was just to see his smiling face and to get a chance to chatter with him for a little while.

We went out, and well… we’ve been together ever since.

By the way, his name is David.

I felt drawn to David from the moment I first laid eyes on him, back in March.

And even over time, when we slowly started talking to each other and flirting, I realized that something was different with this guy. I was different—healthier than I’ve ever been… and getting healthier and happier by the day.

David is a different sort of guy than I’ve ever been with before.

He is an amazing man who rocks my world. I’ve hesitated posting anything here about him, because I could gush on and on about what he does for me, and the way he makes my life better just by being in it.

In this moment I remember one of my professors in college, Kate Daniels, who is a talented modern American poet. She only ever liked a few of my poems. The rest? 
If you can imagine, a tiny waifish woman standing barely five feet tall, with short jet black hair with wiry gray hairs sticking out here and there, and huge black plastic-rimmed glasses that took over her entire face, and she often stood with her hand on her hip, the other hand disdainfully dismissing the majority of my poems as “emotional fluff”.  
So, anytime I write something emotionally charged, I end up visualizing Kate Daniels waving off whatever I’ve written as emotional fluff.  
Because, apparently, nobody wants to read emotional fluff. 
Or maybe she just doesn’t want to…

(And so, all of the emotional fluff has been written in other, non-public places. Trust me, you are thankful I am sparing you on those emotionally fluffy details!)

What is both a little scary and very refreshing is that David is everything I’ve ever wanted in a man, and more. I feel like a damned school girl around him—giddy, giggly, silly…

He knows how to deliver a compliment, and he does it so well and so often… and I appreciate that more than he will ever know. Remember my post on learning how to receive love? I am practicing that, or trying to. David gives me lots of practice, which I have to admit I enjoy.

He makes me laugh—which, as anyone who knows me understands… that’s vital.

He’s intuitive, and intelligent, and there are times when I swear he can read my mind.

One thing's for sure. We took each other by surprise. I wasn't expecting to connect with anyone so strongly. I wasn't expecting to meet someone who would become special in my world so quickly.

He wasn't, either.

We were both just going along, working on ourselves, dating here and there (well, I spent my entire summer Turbo Dating, as my friend Michael calls it)... and what brought us together was time and circumstance (and... fish!).

To say I’ve never had a connection or level of chemistry quite like what David and I have is quite the understatement. I didn’t know the type of connection we have was even possible.

But I’m learning, more and more, that it’s so much more than “just” the physical chemistry. There’s a soul connection that I can’t quite articulate. It’s on a deeper level than I understand… and I felt it the moment I met him.

I love his deeply soulful blue eyes. There’s so much there… so much behind those eyes, and I am slowly learning what is there, and savoring every moment of it…

I may post more about him in the future, but suffice it to say—

I am happy.

(And yes, it is possible to meet someone special at the grocery store!)

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  1. Congrats on your first marathon, and more importantly, congrats on finding someone who makes you happy! =D