Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tip Thursday - Fall Colors in Spring

(Please excuse squinty me, and be sure to click each pic to see larger versions of the necklace!)

Today’s tip is geared towards colors that you may typically think of as fall colors. I say, wear whatever colors you want, whenever you want! Ha!

Today we have a darker green and lovely orange with a hint of brown. The stones in this necklace are African green opal, sunstone, and smoky quartz… and that gorgeous, amazing focal bead at the bottom is an Australian boulder opal. It’s so shimmery!

I’ve actually had the African green opal for some time now. I’ve had the sunstone for almost as long. But… I just got that Australian boulder opal, and I was amazed at how perfectly it goes with the rest of the stones. This necklace packs a powerful punch!

See, I already made a necklace with the African green opal and sunstone, and I sold it a while back. I held on to some of the stones to make myself a necklace someday, but I wanted a killer focal. I sure got it!! And I really need to get better photos of this necklace (I snapped these with my phone) so you can see the detail in the stones, and especially in that focal. It’s so shimmery, and you know I’m a total sucker for sparkly things.

I’ve worn this necklace a handful of times, and I get numerous compliments on it every time! One woman even had a conversation with her friend about this necklace. I didn’t know that’s what they were talking about, just that they were conversing and turning around and looking at my chest (!). Finally, the friend said, “Just go ask her!”

So, she came over and said, “Can I look at your necklace?”

Of course I obliged her!

Now… what could you wear a necklace like this with? Well, how about: green, gray, brown, blue (denim), white, ivory, orange, tan, etc?

So, there ya go. Green, orange, and brown. Maybe it sounds like a fall combination, but here I am, wearing it in March!

Australian Boulder Opal metaphysical properties: Boulder Opal represents purity and intensity. It assists in emotional and mental balance, calms the inner soul. Facilitates actualization. Excellent stone for progress, expansion, and development. Helps one connect the conscious and subconscious, providing for a clearing understanding of oneself. Facilitates communication, stimulates healing, and stabilizes energies.

African Green Opal metaphysical properties: My Google Fu fails me, and I can’t find anything compelling about metaphysical properties for this stone!

Smoky Quartz metaphysical properties: Smoky quartz is a powerful healing stone. It protects against all forms of bad luck and promises a light at the end of what may seem to be a very long tunnel. After you’ve been sick or felt depressed, it can restore energy and optimism. It also aids meditation if you find concentration difficult. Smoky quartz is one of the best healing stones!

Sunstone metaphysical properties: The sunstone gem is a leadership stone, and brings leadership qualities to its wearer. It aids in dispelling fears and phobias and also decreases stress and lifts depression. Sunstone promotes grounding and protection. Sunstone gems also warms the heart and allows the person to get in touch with their life force.

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  1. ooooh what a pretty necklace! I love that color combo too. I use a lot of Unakite and Goldstone...which are very similar to the stone you have used. (and yep I wear mine any time of year too! =D)