Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Latest Obsession...

Spring has sprung! I've been a busy bee, making jewelry. Here are some earrings for your viewing pleasure...
These glowing beauties are available here.

Abalone circles are available here.

My latest obsession, though... rings! I've gotten some quality but less expensive materials and I've been going to town. These rings are meant to be fun, and since I'm focusing on using project leftovers as the focal beads... they are also meant to be affordable.

I've already got two set aside for me, and I've put the rest up for sale in my Etsy shop. I'm making more every day and I hope to get those posted soon!

Here are a few for you to preview...

I have a really big post brewing for my one year anniversary of heading to Italy. What a trip that was... it changed my life. I think everyone will enjoy the post... so stay tuned! It's coming soon. 

I've been debating applying for a couple of shows this season. I can't decide, honestly. With my husband being unemployed, and with me facing a lag in work, I find myself wanting to hold on to money rather than spending it on booth fees.

Please keep your fingers crossed that I'll be working again soon, and that my hubby will find a job. He's been unemployed for over a year. I understand that many of us are going through tough times. It's vital to stay positive and keep that chin up. 

Hold on to hope, and turn to your loved ones for support. We've all got to stick together!

To that end... allow me tell you a little about what I do, and perhaps you can help.

I am an Instructional Designer/Training Specialist. Basically that means I designand often develop courses for adults. Think of an Instructional Designer as someone who creates lesson plans-- deciding what the learner needs to know and the best way to teach it. 

These days I mostly focus on eLearning, or web-based training. I have created courses for small to large companies, with small to large budgets. I've also created computer-based training and instructor-led courses, including supporting documentation (manuals, job aids, etc). 

Most of my background is for creating courses for proprietary software and soft skills, like customer service. I've got a wide background of experience, and I'm looking for contract work for the next month or two.

If you have any leads, please drop me a line! If your company has a need, let me know. Part of an Instructional Designer's job is needs assessment.

Thank you ;-)

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  1. Hi my dear
    I am very impressed with your work.
    All the pieces are lovely, unique and feminine. You are very talented.