Monday, August 25, 2014

Shifting Focus

The dating scene is quiet.

On purpose.

I’ve stopped dating for now. It was taking entirely too much energy from me, and it’s not like it was really getting me anywhere—except feeling discouraged, disgruntled, and disheartened.

I have "almost" posted about it here, many times. But there's already so much negativity in the world, and trying to craft a thoughtful post or two on dating when I'm really just full of piss & vinegar about the whole thing is, well... a bit futile.

On the (wayyy!) upside, that means my time has become totally my own again.

I’m focusing on two things: writing and fitness.  

The writing part is a no-brainer. I have books to write and classes to teach, and I’m working on both. In fact, I might just take a quick moment here to shout out to our wonderful Wholehearted Writing group. You can like the Facebook page—where I post photos and other inspiration that helps you keep writing (or at least thinking about it).

You can also find us on! Our membership has grown to over 100, and we regularly have writers attend our Wednesday evening meetings (twice a month). I’ve set up a workshop in September (based on The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown), and I’ve just set up another one for October (based on The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz; this is a great book that I’ve blogged about before).

And I’m still working on a book about grief.

And a book about writing.

The second part of my current focus is fitness. But I’ll write more about that some other time…

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