Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Giveaway - Enter to Win My 'Red Dwarf' Necklace!

The first giveaway was a huge success! I think it's fair to say that a lot of folks learned about Rachael's kitty/dog/ferret/etc beds... and even Winston gets to have one, too!

The giveaway sparked a need in me, and I feel like giving away more lately.

I have a lot of blessings, and I feel more blessings when I give things away.

If you recall in this post, I made a bead that's the star of the video I made to demonstrate lampworking, and I turned the bead into a necklace.

I really like this little bead, and it’s hard to let it go. But it just didn’t seem right to sell it. I really couldn’t charge enough for it, ya know? 

So, I'm giving it away!

Do you like the name, Red Dwarf? I sure do!

Not only is it a type of star, it's a really goofy TV series from the '90s. I got hooked on the show for a short while, back in the days when I also watched Star Trek: Next Generation. 

(Yes. I'm admitting to a bit of geekiness.)

So, please DO enter the contest to win this necklace, and spread the word to get more entries!

And just for kicks, if you make a purchase from my Etsy site between now and the close of the giveaway (June 28 - see below) AND mention the giveaway when you purchase... you'll get a 20% discount off your entire purchase!!!

Don't forget to become a fan of my jewelry on Facebook, and add this blog to the regular blogs you read. I really love having more readers!

The following info is very important, so please read carefully!!

Here’s how to enter:
  1. Leave a comment by 11:59pm Central time on Monday, June 28 telling me what kind of jewelry you love to wear: styles (simple, statement piece, long/short necklaces, etc) as well as colors and any other details you can provide! 
  2. Tweet or otherwise link this giveaway for additional chances to win! **Important: Please make sure you leave a separate comment providing the url for where you linked the giveaway so all your entries will count!**

The fine print:
  • Shipping is to anywhere in the world
  • Comments posted after the deadline (Monday, June 28 11:59PM Central time) will not be included in the drawing
  • The winner will need to email me with your address so you can get your awesome one of a kind necklace
  • To be as fair as possible, I will use a randomizer to choose the winner


  1. I love fairly simple, silver jewelry with a little sparkle. I am going to try to order something off your site since you are offering a sale...I've been meaning to for ages!!!

  2. I love dangly bits! I guess I tend to be rather traditional in my choices. I wish I were a little more daring.

  3. I love jewelry of all forms, but I'm particularly fond of stuff that's unique and makes a statement. I love beadwork and love dichromatic glass and wrapped wire work.

  4. I mostly wear pendants...I tend to buy pieces when I'm travelling that remind me of a certain place. I prefer simple statement pieces to overly complicated pieces... things like this where one gorgeous bead is showcased are right up my alley!

  5. I like either anklets or necklaces with interesting stones, much like this one.

    I also linked to this post on Twitter: http://twitter.com/nekosensei/status/16854496495

  6. Haha! My husband "made" me watch Red Dwarf--and I liked it despite myself! :-)

    I like to wear really unique jewelry--simple but interesting beads without a lot of fusiness. (I have to keep in mind what I can wear while I'm massaging, so shorter is better.) I'm a silver girl, generally. I also like to have earrings that compliment the necklaces but that aren't "matchy matchy."

    Of course I love purple (you know me!) but I love jewel tones--bright, rich, eye-catching.

    Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  7. Wheee! I gotta get in on this one! I love unique jewelry. I like anything that makes people say, "Where did you get that?!?!?!" One-of-a-kind pieces are my thing. Especially necklaces.

  8. http://ugotogal.livejournal.com/645646.html

    Public post on my LiveJournal to promote the giveaway.

  9. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000959954062#!/pages/Weez-Wear-Kitty-Beds-Fan-Page/101045526605278

    Post on my Facebook to promote the giveaway.

  10. I am not actually entering, but I did pimp it out


    not that I don't love the bead, I do, but someone who is more into red should win it.

  11. Will you be making one named Lister, Rimmer or Kryten? :)

  12. I love wearing unique glass beads and wirework earrings in blacks, red, blues and purples. I do love a choker or a suede thong to hang something unusual on.

  13. I adore glass of any kind as you know. I love this red Linda. I posted this on my shoozlesfusedglass Facebook Fan Page for you. :))

  14. I like handmade, organic, unique, a little sparkle. I like my necklaces to hit my collar bone.

  15. I love all your jewelry, just bought some earrings yesterday! I wear a little of everything. I love blues/browns/reds for earrings and necklaces.

  16. posted the link on my fb page.

  17. Great site. I will definitely search here in the future.
    I love to wear jewelry that shows I am a free-spirit and eclectic in my taste.
    I posted on this on facebook. http://www.facebook.com/sandy.murray

  18. I love longer necklaces that really make a statement. For me, I would rather have a few favorite pieces instead of tons of junk jewelry.

    PS - if chosen, this will be so loved! I lost most everything in the May TN floods & would love a new piece that matches the colors in my house (no really it does)!

  19. http://twitter.com/gypsyjade



  20. I wear mostly just earrings but the occasional necklace will make it into my regular rotation. I love jewel tones, purples, blues, etc. Every time I wear the necklace with the "galaxy" bead you crafted I get so many compliments!

    Linked to Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/gulyas

  21. Oh bother all, it didn't accept my previous comment. Third time's a charm.

    Jewelry: I rarely change it up. I mostly wear silver, and if I change anything, it's that I'll occasionally wear a necklace or bracelet. If not silver by itself, I'll look to add a bit of color.

    Posted to my Facebook if you can see it: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/profile.php?id=7302861&v=wall

    I shall have to check out the Etsy!

  22. I love the necklace! My favorite color combination is red and black and I have my room decorated in those colors. I love jewelry in reds and/or golds, although I also wear a lot of silver because it's generally cheaper and easier to find than gold. I wear mostly earrings and prefer shorter necklaces to longer ones.

    I created a post on my Twitter account for you:

  23. I wanted to add that in regards to styles, I love simple necklaces with a modern taste to them, where the one element really stands out. I prefer this to, say, a string of beads where you don't see anything really stand out.

    And sorry, you said you wanted the link in a separate comment:

  24. And I posted a link to the giveaway on facebook too! You can't see my wall because it's not public, but I also added you to my fan pages and that's public for you to view:

  25. I am a terrible creature of habit, always wearing the same jewelry--silver, platinum, white gold and diamonds. I've always loved to look at your jewelry (I admire all your photography) but this piece, I could see wearing. I think it is the gorgeous red or something--or maybe the name. I tweeted about it, so maybe some of my tweeps will come by. Not that I want them to win! Heh heh.

  26. And here is where I let people know!


  27. Who won?????

    I am being haunted by one of your Simply Healing necklaces, btw. It keeps infiltrating my mind. WHY?

    this is Carolyn btw, your FW neighbor. :)

  28. Hey all, the winner has been announced! Check out my latest blog post for the winner...